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Plate with striped lily and a butterfly on a blue background

This plate is adorned on sky blue background with the representation of very realistic striped lilies patch accompanied with a beautiful butterfly and a bee. The decor is signed by Anthony Ludovic Regnier (1851-1930) and dated 1881.


Marked on the decor “A.L. REGNIER” and dated “1881”. Stamped on the back «TH. Deck», titled «LIS TIGRE» and numbered «160»
Material : Galzed ceramic
Provenance  : France, circa 1870 – 1890
Dimensions : D : 35 cm


Signed «TH. Deck» under the base and “Regnier” in the decor
Material : Glazed ceramic
Provenance  : France, circa 1880 – 1891
Dimensions : D :

Plate with a decor by A.L. Regnier of hibiscus flowers and butterfly

Our plate is adorned with a very beautiful red and white hibiscus flowers patch. Between the flowers, a butterfly is flying. The sky blue background is painted with shades going toward the white to report the different appearances of the sky.

Antony Ludovic Régnier (1851 – 1930) is a painter of landscapes but also flowers as was his father the painter Louis J. Baptiste Régnier. Known for his talent in botanic reproductions, he also has illustrated books on the matter, including l’Atlas de poche des arbustes et arbrisseaux les plus faciles à cultiver, written by Paul Hariot in 1904.

He starts his artistic career by studying in the École des Beaux-Arts of Paris where he is the student of Isidore Pils. Then, he regularly participates in the Parisian Salons where he exhibits his work from 1877 and in the Salon des Artistes Français from 1881. Between 1876 and 1878, he works for the pottery factory founded by Optat Milet and Clément Massier in Sèvres where he signs some plates with flowers painted decors. Then, from the end of the 1870’s he starts to paint for the Théodore Deck factory, for who he realizes flowers decors with blue background. He continues working for the Deck factory until the ceramist’s death in 1891. Artist forgotten and very less documented, the rest of his career is unfortunately unknown after this date.


Not attributed

Théodore deck

Signed “TH Deck” and profile stamp on the back
Material : Glazed ceramic
Provenance : France, circa 1880 – 1890
Dimensions : H : 4 cm, D : 41 cm

Glazed earthenware dish decorated with a flying dragonfly and a kingfisher

This beautiful plate depicts a lacustrine decor where we find on a cream colour background with blue for the representation of the water, waterlilies, reed leaves, a dragonfly and a kingfisher of which the feathers colours are contrasting between an intense orange and the famous blue Deck.

Round ceramic dish with oriental decoration of foliage on yellow background

This large round, slightly hollow glazed earthenware dish with oriental decoration of foliage on a yellow background illustrates well the fascination of Théodore Deck for the Far East at his beginnings.


Signed twice on the back
Material : Glazed ceramic
Provenance : France, circa 1880
Dimensions : H : 7 cm, D : 62 cm


Signed «TH. Deck» under the base
Material : Glazed ceramic
Provenance : France, circa 1880 – 1890
Dimensions : H : 7cm, D : 61 cm

Round plate with flowers and butterflies decorations

On our plate made of enameled ceramic, many flowers are detached on a white background with motifs tone-on-tone in slight relief. Two butterflies are accompanied the flowers, symbol in the Japanese culture of hapiness and immortality.
The artist dazzles us with the colours he chose for the plate decoration, which he succeed to make harmonious. The flowers are painted in yellow, purple and orange-red. While the leaves are green and other takes the artist’s famous blue.

Plate with flowers and swallows on a purple background

Our plate shows yellow and white poppy flowers on a purple background, the tones are due to the mastery of color’s quantity applied that leads to create spiral motif. The artist added to this décor two swallows flying, these birds, that we find very often in the Japanese iconography, symbolize freedom, happiness and are a sign of chance. As for the poppy flower, it appears very often in Deck’s décor all along his production, sometimes red, white, ochre or purple. Here, the colors yellow and white chosen by the artist stand out from the stem colors which are green and turquoise (the artist’s famous blue) and create a harmony with the purple background.


Signed on the back “TH. DECK”
Material : Glazed ceramic
Provenance  : France, circa 1880
Dimensions : D : 59,5 cm

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